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    Without knowing the circumstances of bearing type is determined by the size of how

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    Determination of bearing:

    First, according to a text message bearing determination.

    First look at the text on the bearings, the bearing can be determined from the model text.

    Second, the actual measurement and observation

    The first step: determining bearing structure code (type code).

    From left to right or the number of first and second numbers together

    "6" means deep groove ball bearings

    "4" double row deep groove ball bearings

    "2" or "1" self-aligning ball bearing (basic model of four numbers)

    "21" "22" "23" "24" indicates spherical roller bearings.

    "N" means Cylindrical roller bearings (including short cylindrical roller portion of the promoter and an elongated needle)

    "NU" no inner wall.

    "NJ" inner single-wall.

    "NF" single-wall outer ring.

    "N" no outer wall.

    "NN" double row cylindrical roller, no outer wall.

    "NNU" double row cylindrical roller, inner wall.

    Roller length is at least 5 times the diameter, called needle roller bearings

    "NA" Rotary cut cup needle roller bearings

    "NK" punching needle bearing shell

    "K" needle roller and cage assembly, no inner and outer rings.

    "7" represents angular contact ball bearings

    "3" tapered roller bearings (Metric)

    "51" "52" "53" indicates the angular contact ball bearings (a total of five basic model numbers)

    "81" indicates thrust cylindrical roller bearings

    "29" indicates thrust spherical roller bearings

    Step two: determining the inner diameter of the bearing.

    Direct measurement of the inside diameter with a caliper bearing holes at both ends should be measured, since the bearing bore tapered bore small end big end. Measure the dimensions in millimeters (mm).

    The third step: measuring bearing other dimensions in millimeters (mm) label.

    Width, diameter, and so on.

    Step Four: Discover manual

    Example: 23140CAMKE4S11

    Suppose bearing on the text has been deleted.

    The first step is to see bearing double row spherical roller can be self-aligning, it is determined that: Bearing model basic model is five digits, the first digit from left to right must be 2, according to: "21" "22" " 23 "" 24 "indicates spherical roller bearings.

    The second step, measure the inner diameter of the bearing is 200mm, the other end of the aperture hole is slightly larger than 200mm (= one-twelfth of the actual width, multiplied by two, plus 200mm). It can determine: bearing diameter code 40, indicating post code tapered bore K.

    Measuring the outer diameter of the bearing is 340mm, the width is 112mm.

    The third step in the manual to find the bearing "Spherical roller bearings", to find the inner diameter (d) is 200mm album, in conjunction outer diameter (D) 340mm, width dimension (B) 112mm. It can determine the bearing of the basic code is 23140.

    Tapered bore described post-code with the letter K, the cage is M (both general and CA together) Rear generations copper explanation, outer ring sump hole has described post code E4, asking the user to work bearing ambient temperature, to determine whether there is a high temperature anti-deformation rings S11 code.

    Post code is explained in the manual also can be found on the bearing.