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Packing and storage

2016/11/5      view:

•Grease the raceways of the unwrapped bearing, and then oil-packed it.

•After clean the outside, coat the slewing bearing with a layer of anti-corrosion oil (F20-1).

•Then wrap the bearing with the packing slips (plastic film).

•Put the bearings at dry and smooth place in horizontal position, keep it away from water pipe or vapor pipe to avoid any influence.

•Slewing bearing must be well protected during the storage. Approx. 6 moths in roofed storage areas. Approx. 12 mouths in enclosed and temperature controlled areas. Longer storage periods will require special preservation.


•Truck transport:

According to distance, Slewing bearings are wrapped with two layers of plastic film, and may be transported in wooden boxes.

•Train transport:

Use wooden boxes.

•Sea transport:

Coat the slewing bearing with anti-corrosion oil, put it in wooden box.

Transport and storage are to be carried out in horizontal position only, avoiding any shocks.

•Air transport

According to requirement of customers and air-lines

•The packing boxes are hard enough for transportation.

•We recommend only one slewing bearing involved in one wooden box

•Certificate of products, Installation and utilization manual for user and other related documents are put into plastic bag and delivered together with packing box.

•In other cases, mail the documents directly.

•The packing boxes are marked with number, manufacture, destination etc.

•Our recommendation: Transport in wooden boxes for bearings with raceway diameter smaller than 2 m.

•Keep the bearing in the horizontal position when lifting, Radial impacting is prohibited.

•The flanks of the ring gear cannot be crashed.

•For larger bearings (>3m), use at least 3 lifting bolts.

•Use lifting bolts with hanging rings when hoisting.

The limited term of quality warranty is one year from delivery without prior specified.