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    Bearing lubrication purposes

    2016/9/10      view:

    The purpose is to reduce the lubrication of rolling bearings insidethe bearing friction and wear, to prevent sticking, its lubricatingeffect follows.

    Reduce friction and wear

    In the mutual contact portion of the ferrule, and the rolling elementsconstituting the bearing retainer, to prevent the metal contacts,reducing friction and wear.

    Extend the fatigue life

    Rolling bearing fatigue life, in the rotation, rolling contact surfaces oiled, then extended. Conversely, low viscosity oil, lubricant film thickness is not good, then shortened.

    Discharge frictional heat, cooling

    Circulating oil to oil heat removal method can occur by friction or heat coming from the external cooling. Prevent bearing overheating and prevent oil itself aging.


    There are also internal bearing prevent foreign invasion, or prevent rust, corrosion effect.

    Lubrication methods:

    Bearing lubrication methods, divided into grease and oil lubrication. In order to play well bearing function, first of all, to choose suitable conditions, the use of lubrication purposes. If only consider the lubrication oil lubrication dominant. However,there can be simplified specialty grease around the bearing structure,the grease and oil lubrication compare the pros and cons.